Hey there,

This was such a busy week for me spent preparing for exams mostly. I was home most days so there aren’t many interesting photos but there are a couple I adore 🙂

Sunday, 4.10.2015

Usual boring view. Guys I love this window for saving me so many times haha.


Monday, 5.10.2015

I really like this picture of my friend’s shadow in class. There’s an almost spooky element to it.


Tuesday, 6.10.2015

My friend wanted me to take a few headshots for a job for her. This is so pretty!


Wednesday, 7.10.2015

I was stuck studying. This is is all I’ve got, LOL.

Thursday, 8.10.2015

Prepping my second newsletter which I regret to tell you you’ve missed if you haven’t subscribed. You can still subscribe here.


Friday, 9.10.2015

I baked cookies but they came out a bit too chunky. Working on getting better at that. They tasted pretty good though.


Saturday, 10.10.2015

Out preaching. Don’t you just love this island?


Till soon, Afoma x