Hey y’all!

Sliding in a bit VERY late with the photo summaries for the last couple of weeks (in which I’ve been a terrible photographer). Editing pictures is so long sometimes and I had exams and other engagements. Sigh. Also, I’ll be backdating the posts just so I don’t have three photography posts in a row. Here we go

Sunday, 27.09.2015

I made star fruit juice with some lime and mint leaves. It was exquisite.


Monday, 28.09.2015

A selfie with 2/3 of my babes.


Tuesday, 29.10.2015

I got awarded this certificate by AMSA for my exemplary efforts in volunteering. It made me very happy.

Wednesday, 30.09.2015

Rent time. Snapped a sneaky picture of a man at the bank. I really liked how they were marketing the “check up” idea with a stethoscope.


Thursday, 1.10.2015

Catching up on the GI system for last block.


Friday, 2.10.2015

Stopped by the supermarket with my friend Tayo who has no idea that I took this, buahahaha.


Saturday, 3.19.2015

Beach time 🙂


I considered stopping this series but I have a problem with quitting things and I know I’ll take a picture a day regardless so I’ll just suck it up and do the editing. By December, I’ll have been doing this for a whole 9 months!

Till soon, Afoma