Hey guys!

Two weekends ago, I went on a trip to a Grenadine island called Union Island. Union island is really small but also beautiful. It’s very country-esque and of course there are beaches. Here are a few pictures from the trip. Enjoy.

There was just something so cool about this man who was reading on the boat.



The trip to Union was quite long and I practically spent all of Friday traveling which was also because the boat had issues. We stopped at about 4 island before we got to Union so I took advantage.


Canuoan was the prettiest though.


Came out on Saturday for some preaching and exploration afterwards and my hosts treated me to a nice lunch.


Of course we also went to nearby beach. The water was so warm!


The view I woke up to.


On Saturday evening we took a bus tour round the island until after sunset. It was all so beautiful and awe-inspiring.


On Sunday, since the boat was still bad and I had to meet up for my classes on Monday we flew home in the tiniest little jet.


Happy Friday guys! Have the loveliest weekend! And thanks for all the lovely feedback on the newsletter. I’m so excited about upcoming ones. You can still subscribe here.

Till soon, Afoma x