Hi guys! 

Guess who didn’t wait for a second week before posting? I’m trying to stay on top of things. I had a great week last week probably because my weekend was wonderful too 🙂

Sunday, 20.09.2015

Look at these flowers. 


Monday, 21.09.2015

I do this thing when I’m procrastinating studying. It’s called “do anything but actual studying”. That’s exactly how this picture happened.


Tuesday, 22.09.2015

When I was taking this picture, my friend asked me “haven’t you taken a picture of that before?” I knew I had, but it’s amazing how some editing transforms a picture. Wondering how I edit my photos? You should read this post.

Wednesday, 23.09.2015

I’ve gotten into cooking lately. I’ve been trying out new recipes and baking and doing things and it makes me so excited. Food is a gift, but you already knew that.


Thursday, 24.09.2015

Caught some smoke clouds on Thursday evening.

Friday, 25.09.2015

I’m doing this thing where I try cooking with one new veggie or fruit every week. This week, I used eggplant. It wasn’t awful, but I’m not crazy about it either.


Saturday, 26.09.2015

Took this picture while I was out preaching. Sigh. This country is so beautiful.

Wishing you all a fantastic week ahead! 

Afoma x