How many times has someone told you that they’re too busy to do something?

Your answer will depend on a few factors, like whether a lot of the people you know work high pressure jobs, whether they’re procrastinators, or workaholics and how important to them you are. I have oscillated in my opinions regarding this topic. Once upon a time, I believed that the concept of ‘busy’ was just something people invented to shoo others away

‘omg, I’m so sorry. I’ve been so busy, I totally forgot to call’

Then i got into medical school and my views began to change. People CAN be ridiculously busy! Days run into weeks and months very quickly for some people and it is hard to find time to catch your breath, much less respond to other people’s worries and demands of you.

Still, here’s what i think: your degree of ‘busyness’ is a choice.

I don’t mean that single parents with three children and a full time job can necessarily always choose how busy they want to be. Now, that’s ridiculous. I mean that at the end of day, everyone chooses to do the things most important to them, regardless of how busy they are/may seem.

We only get twenty four hours everyday and not everything can be done in one day, even when you’re Beyonce. So what do we do? We pick what we’d like to do. We choose sometimes based on what we like to do, what we decide to be most pressing, what we think would be most rewarding or even what would be easiest to do. Everyone has different criteria. So we decide.

For a lot of people, the doing is the struggle; the implementing of plans, forcing oneself to action, dodging procrastination. My mother taught me that the eyes become afraid far too easily which is to say that sometimes things appear harder to do than they actually are. People like my mother tackle the ‘tough’ stuff first whereas others like myself put off the hard to tackle stuff. I cannot tell you how many times I put off calling a person or researching a topic or emailing a person, only to do it and have it take a maximum of ten minutes! A lot of the time we waste time thinking of what we’d like to do or say, instead of just doing the thing.

Then there’s the issue of priorities and here’s what i’d like to say about that: if a person cannot seem to make time for you, you’re simply not a priority.¬†When I speak of ‘making time’ I mean depending on your kind of relationship, it could be 20 minutes daily to once a week. Texting people you care about should mostly be easy.

Next time you’re tempted to say ‘I’m so sorry, I’m busy’, think about what’s really stopping you. Do you not want to do said thing? Do you think it is far too low on your list of priorities? Do you think it would be too hard to do? Perhaps you should consider why you don’t want to do the thing, how much it means to the person you’d be helping or maybe just TRY doing it and see how hard it is. Leaving hard things for extended periods really doesn’t make them easier, you know?