52 WEEKS| 29 & 30


Sigh. I’ve been such a lazy blogger. I’m generally lazier when it comes to writing things lately and my project for this month now includes having more articles up on the blog. In the meantime though, here are the summaries of the last couple of weeks.

Sunday, 6.09.2015

I’ve taken a picture almost exactly the same before but it’s the only thing from Sunday and I’m trying not to cheat you know. I sent this to show a friend what the weather was like on the island.

Monday, 7.09.2015

Too-tired-to-be- bothered snap from my bed.

Tuesday, 8.09.2015

I recently became obsessed with overnight oats. I love to add banana slices, apple chunks and peanut butter. So yummy!

Wednesday, 9.09.2015

I’ve also been into banana bread recently. It’s just so moist and naturally sweet. Also, ridiculously easy to make.

Thursday, 10.09.2015

I ate this for breakfast almost everyday last week.

Friday, 11.09.2015

Spent Friday night skyping my friend Dami 🙂

Saturday, 12.09.2015

I’ve made a pact with myself to visit the beach once a week just to chill out, read a book and maybe a dip in the ocean.

Sunday, 13.09.2015

There was the craziest storm after our circuit assembly. I took this from inside a car with tinted windows. Slapped a black and white filter on it to make it seem deep. Did I succeed?

Monday, 14.09.20

Made pizza with pre-made dough after school on Monday. It didn’t taste as good as it looked.

Tuesday, 15.09.2015

My friend Cynthia is on a serious fitfam journey. This was her lunch.

Wednesday, 16.09.2015

There’s a lot of food this week, lol. But this last week, I’ve been into French toast 🙂

Thursday, 17.09.2015

Quick snap of Sefunmi after school on Thursday.

Friday, 18.09.2015

Ditched school in Friday for a trip to a Grenadine island called Union Island. More deets on the blog soon.

Saturday, 19.09.2015

We took a little tour of the island on Saturday.

And that’s all folks! Look out this week for two article type posts. One is more a list type post on lessons from a particular movie I watched recently.

I hope you’re all having a great week so far 🙂

Afoma x