52 WEEKS| WEEKS 27 & 28

Hey there,

Slacker photo update person here. Boy, I get so lazy about putting these posts together. From finding the photos, editing, to getting the right order in the post and writing descriptions PLUS laziness and a small dose of procrastination, it’s almost impossible to do.

Howeverrrrr, here I am. 

Sunday, 23.08.2015

We had a chill day in Barbados and it was past 7pm when I realized I had no photo. Voila! The view from outside the window of our room!



Monday, 24.08.2015

Took some photos of beach houses as we took a walk on Monday evening-ish.


Tuesday, 25.08.2015

I had a Virginia piña colada at a quaint hotel restaurant called Cafe Luna. The fries were stale but my fish burger AND the drink were awesome. The customer service is fantastic too.



Wednesday, 26.08.2015

I visited the branch office of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Barbados and saw this house in my way there. Such a cute street, really 🙂



Thursday. 27.08.2015

We were invited by friends to a hotel called Coconut Court and they had the loveliest beach, even though there’d been a sea weed problem that day. 



Friday, 28.08.2015

Leaving day 🙁

Stalked a few strangers at the airport as usual 🙂



Saturday, 29.08.2015

We had a surprise baby shower for one of our friends here. It was the best thing ever! I love this picture of Maria I took as the official photographer for the event 🙂


Sunday, 30.08.2015.

Oops! I don’t have a picture yet, again (LOL) This thing is harder than it seems (on some days) but I’m getting so accustomed to taking pictures daily now.



Monday, 31.08.2015.

I made beignets 🙂



Tuesday, 01.09.2015

A slice of my pizza attempt from Monday. I had it as part of breakfast. Are you getting a good idea of all I did with my last free week? *ahem*


Wednesday, 02.09.2015

Almost golden hour 🙂



Thurday, 03.09.2015

Guess what else wears flower crowns?



Friday, 04.09.2015

Ran a few errands involving bills and ATMs.


Saturday, 05.09.2015

St Vincent has some great hills. Fantastic for hikers :

That’s all folks! I hope you liked the pictures! It’s back to school for me today! I’m actually ready + almost excited to go back.


Till soon, Afoma x