Hello my people!

How goes it?

The month of August was so exciting for me and I really loved being able to just relax for a while. I’m feeling more creative and well rested, albeit a bit lazy still, but definitely ready for the semester which starts on the 7th if you were wondering.

This month, my faves are mostly experiences, to be frank, but since I’ll be sharing those in many subsequent posts, I won’t be repetitive. I’ll share other more… tangible things.

ZIKOKO: This site has been called the Nigerian Buzzfeed and for good reason. I’m not sure exactly when it launched but I’ve seen so many list format articles and quizzes a la Buzzfeed from them this month. My faves include this quiz on the Superstory theme song, Why Chimamanda is FLAWLESS, If Disney Princesses had Nigerian Parents and this guide to being a Nigerian Tailor which is APT. Zikoko is a welcome development. Love it!

Sarah Kay (and Philip Kaye): I’m totally Lastma about this but I don’t care. She’s a spoken word poet and Phil is her best friend and sort of business partner who she is not related to, has neither dated nor plans to date. I spent last night binge watching her spoken word performances and I’d like you to briefly get your lives. She is so incredibly smart and seems so sweet, I just want to be her friend and be that great at spoken word.

The story of their first meeting and discovering that they do not only share the same last name and heritage but their siblings have the SAME NAMES as each other. Like Sarah has a brother named Phillip and Phillip a sister named Sarah.

And this one on real love is beautiful

And then, here’s this TedTalk suffused with adorable excitement

Here’s one about the power of words and how they lose it

Don’t say I never shared anything amazing.

Sisi Yemmie’s Vlogs: Did you know she started doing Sisi Weekly? I love how down to earth she is and how her vlogs feel like a real depiction of Lagos life for most of the middle class. Plus her baby Titobi alone is reason enough to watch; He is so cute!

Articles: I read some great articles this month, many of which you may have already read, but in the off chance that you haven’t, here are some faves:

This piece by Eloghosa Osunde on how places move on just as fast humans do from them.

Akwaeke Emezi’s memoir piece about life in Aba.

This non-fiction piece by Doris Uzoamaka Ainunoh about the theatrical spectacle observed from balconies in Onitsha.

The story of a woman who survived a plane crash and was plunged into the amazon forest.

Also, I started posting fiction on the blog again, kicking off with this piece.

Music: I’ve gotten into Spotify playlists recently and found so many great artists and songs I didn’t know by artists I know. My most favorite discovery is The 1975 abum by the band The 1975, especially their song fallingforyou. Other songs I’ve been loving are:

Free Falling– John Mayer

We don’t have to take our clothes off  -Ella Eyre

I can’t feel my face– The Weeknd

Golden– Travie McCoy & Sia

Bright– Echosmith

That’s all folks! I hope you find something you like. You can find previous monthly faves here. I hope you’re all having a good week and not feeling too bombarded by blog posts.

Till soon, Afoma x