Hi there, lovelies!

I wore this to the airport for our trip to Barbados. In case you wondering, it wasn’t a coincidence. It was a carefully planned buy-and-wear-on-a-trip execution. I love it so much! The print is so clear and even though I wouldn’t say I have wanderlust, I definitely enjoy traveling to a large extent. It makes me so happy to be able to up and leave, even if it empties my bank account.

Look at my arm candy! My friend, Naressa got me the green one on my left hand and I decided to go back to wearing bracelets.

I adore my Birkenstocks. I’ve had these for a year and if my account was magically blessed again, I’d buy another one. They’re just so comfy! And these ripped jeans are as good as sweats.

Till soon, Afoma.