Hi there, lovelies!

Late photo summary post here! I have no idea where the weekend went and I spent yesterday with one of my best friends who just returned from a trip. We spent most of the day catching up AND she gave me cake, which obviously makes her the bestest. Did I mention she has a balcony and I caught a great sunset?

This week, I’m mostly preparing to go on a trip to another Caribbean island and I’m super stoked to spend my days in the water and just roaming. I think the change of scenery would be great for me.

Onto the day’s business now:

Sunday, 9.08.2015

I’ve seen this deserted house every Sunday I’ve been here (which is a year in September. Can you believe?!) One of the ladies with me pointed out that the lawn was always mowed regardless of what state the house was in. I thought there had to be a good story there somewhere.


Monday, 10.08.2015

Oats for breakfast. Bananas add that new level of sweetness. Ah, gotta love oats.



Wednesday, 11.08.2015

I’m starting to enjoy evening shots especially at sunset. The sunsets in August are always so orange.


Thursday, 12.08.2015

This is one of my favorite buildings to photograph. It’s all that gorgeous mint! Whoosh.


Friday, 13.08.2015

Received this book of poetry by Shinji Moon from Amazon. Few things excite me as much as new books and journals (which I got too!).


Sunday, 14.08.2015

Just look at this house. Just look.


And that’s all folks! I have a few exciting posts coming as soon I get over holiday laziness. I’ve unlocked a new level of procrastination.

I hope everyone’s having a great week! Flourish.

Afoma x