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Here’s something new on the blog: A PSA (Public Service Announcement) of sorts. A friend of mine, Koye approached me regarding publicity for her collection coming out this September. I’ve known her (read “known about her work as an artist”) since 2012(?) and I’ve always thought highly of her work. So you can understand why I was delighted to help spread the word about this collection. Here’s the design statement for  Rosani X Koye: (the collection is a joint project):

Immediately I think of the cool wind that carries the desert sand across a setting sun. I think of Arabian nights and the desert dwellers with light, white cotton shielding the face. 

I think a transition from sunset to starry sky would highlight the sense of calm and ease….”


For our spring summer 2016 collection, we bring you the heat wave from the desert.
Sometimes subtle, sometimes stormy, this exotic land has been the inspiration for this collection. Peering into the inhabitants and their surroundings, capturing colours of the desert at its brightest during the day and it’s simple magnificence.
The silhouette of the garments is formed by the wind and the fabrics have an ease about them, translating the minimalist code well.

The collection is accentuated by jewellery custom created by Made In SISI and custom nail polish made by Sarah Jae. TDF is the artist writing the score/music for the ad campaign.


The collection is a joint project.  Koye and Rosani, who is the other half of the partnership are both graduates of Heriot-Watt university, Scotland where they studied fashion design (womenswear).

After bonding over hours of couture-esque sewing, they decided to make a collection together after school as they share a love for similar aesthetics. The collection literally came to life two weeks after graduating as they were sat in KFC and saw a lady with a flowy dress that billowed when a train passed her.

Koye is currently interning with Georgia Hardinge.

Keep an eye out for Koye’s collection and I’ll bring you photos once her work is out! In the meantime, stay in touch:

Koye’s Instagram:  @koye.o

Rosani’s Twitter & Instagram: @rozzzani

Koye’s Twitter: @Koye_O


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Till soon, Afoma x