Hey guys!

It’s a style post! After what seemed like forever, I finally got a few pictures of an outfit. The main issue was that I don’t have any more classes so I’m in my PJ’s all day unless it’s a Sunday or I’m grudgingly leaving home to run an errand and by then, everyone else has left the house and there’s no one to take pictures of me.

Yesterday, I wore this outfit and I am very well aware that my last outfit post was mostly blue too! Oh well. I really like this thrifted blazer and when I found this skirt on ASOS i knew I had to have it. It has POCKETS! Love it! I’m having a nude lipstick phase and I totally want it to last all summer.

And those shoes are the exact reason you should buy Clarks. Three years and counting of regular wear (like walk/stand for hours on end wear)


Have a great week!

Till soon, Afoma x