52 WEEKS| 23 & 24

Hello there lovelies!

Remember who said she was never going to have any more photo backlog? Mhmm. Here I am again. The first week was far too busy and then during the second, I was far too relaxed (read lazy) to do anything but watch movies, read books and catch up with God. It has been nice. Finally have photos for a style post this week that I’m excited to share and hopefully this means I’m back into posting less sporadically, although I’ve come to enjoy surprising y’all with posts. Perhaps I shall keep at the sporadic posting. What do you think?

Let’s dive into the photos from the past two weeks, shall we?

Sunday, 26.07.2015

A few of my girlfriends at the convention two weeks ago. This is such a nice picture of them and it makes me very happy.


Monday, 27.07.2015

We went to the town market after our final exams that Monday and I took a picture from the second floor.



Tuesday, 28.07.2015

Dinner with my girls. The waitress took a photo for us. I’m so happy I finally have a speedlight and now my evening/night pictures look much better! As an example, most of the outdoor pictures after the white coat ceremony were taken at about 6/7pm and still came out great.

DSC_0829 DSC_0838


Wednesday, 29.07.2015

I got a hat for myself finally! Now, I can go easy on borrowing my cousin’s fedora (seen in this post). There are those days when I only realize the day after that the only picture from the previous day is a snapchat selfie, so there.

ohhh and look at my shadesss.


Thursday, 30.07.2015

Class picture day! Everything seems to have happened so long ago now. *sigh. This was a nice day.



Friday, 31.07.2015

Testing new lenses inside the house at the crack of dawn doesn’t really give you the best picture. I still love the hat though.



Saturday, 1.08.2015


You should see this post for the rest of the pictures. Sabrina is probably the only one who got to pose after receiving her white coat.


Sunday, 2.08.2015

We took my mum to French Verandah (technically, she paid, but we TOOK her) and they had the best samosas! It was nice. Here’s a picture of my mummy and cousin.



Monday, 3.08.2015

Spent the day watching Netflix. The Single Moms Club is such a funny movie. Laav it!


Tuesday, 04,08.2015

A “Too lazy to take a picture day”.



Wednesday, 05.08.2015

Journaling, planning, reading day . I’ve spent a of of time in bed lately.


Thursday, 06.08.2015

There’s this warehouse I always pass on my way to the Kingdom Hall. I just love how it looks and the shadows from the plant  make it even better. Here’s a colored version.


Friday, 07.08.2015

I was whatsapping a friend and told her it was almost sunset here and she made me go out to take photos for her. Here’s some pre-sunset vibes for y’all.



Saturday, 09.08.2015

We went preaching in Cane Garden where the elite live. Bruh, such nice houses. And you can see the ocean from everywhereeee.


I really like the pictures from these weeks. It was a nice couple of weeks! How have y’all been? Can you believe we’re almost halfway through this challenge??? Whoosh.

Till soon, Afoma x