Hi there,

This month was exam month but for some reason I kept reading articles and books that were completely unrelated to school. This list may have far more articles and blogs than you’d have hoped for. Also, a series of lovely YouTube videos I’ve been loving.

Let’s begin, shall we?

Reading: I read a ridiculous number of articles this month. July seemed to have been Writer’s month. Here are a few that you absolutely have to read:

Uche’s hilarious tale of a danfo conductor, change-making and 200 naira- The 200. FYI, Uche is a phenomenal writer. Her story ‘Neverland’ won the Etisalat Prize for Flash Fiction in 2013. Her writing is incredibly witty.

Leggylegs ‘Brief History of First Kisses‘ on Miafarradaily’s blog is a delight. Her metaphors are to die for.

The Future looks Good‘ by Lesley Nneka Arimah is everything, and then some.

This article on turning your passion into profit on Dara’s blog is inspiring. Her blog is fantastic by the way.

Do you know Jhumpa Lahiri? Ever read a book by her? No? Fix it. Here’s my review of her debut collection of short stories.

Did you catch our flash fiction + photography post on reignofink? Here’s a second chance.

On the Blogosphere: I’ve found a few blogs this month and because I’m really nice, I decided to share.

The Financial Diet as boring as it sounds is a blog that makes money management skills cool. From travel to food, all the ways you can save money.

Ida Street Blog and Take Courage blog are lifestyle blogs with great content and photography

Issu: Did you know that there exists a great app via which you could read magazines at no cost whatever? From fashion magazines to literary magazines, Issu has got you covered. I cannot believe I am just discovering this!


On the Tube: And by this I mean YouTube. I found a film maker called Emily Diana Ruth. She’s been making these videos called ‘Letters to July’. Every day, a different person makes a video (about 2 mins long) taking to July (the month). My explanation is most likely botching things up, so just watch this:

Also, this super cute series of couples who’ve been together for varying lengths of time sharing their love story and what makes it work for them.

Music: My album of the month is definitely the ‘Annie’ soundtrack and my faves are ‘Opportunity’, ‘Who am I?’ and ‘You’re never fully dressed without a smile’.

ALSO, Ayerlyn’s ‘Little Boy Blue’ is the most haunting/intense music I’ve heard in a while. Her voice is so raw. Get the album on bandcamp for virtually nothing.

I hope you find something you like. Let me know if you particularly enjoy anything. Let’s rave about it together.