52 WEEKS| 21 & 22

Hello loves! It’s picture day! I’m ready to never ever be behind on photo summaries again. Sorting through pictures is so stressful. Thank goodness, my devices constantly date stamp pictures.

Sunday, 12.07.2015

Look at this house. Something about the yellow and white and all the flowers (that you really cannot see, sorry)


Monday, 13.07.2015

Monday was a stay home and study day, which is why you’re looking at my hamper + pegs + sunlight.


Tuesday, 14.07.2015

Anyone thirsty? It’s been scorching over here! And the humidity! Another stuck at home day.


Wednesday, 15.07.2017

Saw this house on my way to school. Blue skies make the perfect background! I love how the house is peeking from behind the fronds like a lady behind her fan.

Thursday, 16.07.2015

Just admiring the view from outside our school. There are so many hills in this country and even the roads are so hilly, driving feels like a literal roller coaster.


Friday, 17.07.2015

Two palms in conversation. I was eavesdropping.

Saturday, 18.07.2015

This madam asked me to take a picture of her, and so I did.


Sunday, 19.07.2015

More houses.



Monday, 20.07.2015

My neighbors down the street. Green + blue + yellow = <3


Tuesday, 21.07.2015

Creep activities. I love what it says on the back of her shirt, haha.



Wednesday, 22.07.2015

I saw him climbing and asked if he could pose for me. And he did 🙂

Thursday, 23.07.2015

We had a blood bath of a steeple chase test in pathology. It was terrible.


Friday, 24.07.2015

Although, I missed the first day of our 3 day regional convention because I had an exam. I got excited about the weekend as soon as my exam was done.

Saturday, 25.07.2017

A few friends from the event, which was life changing, just in case you were wondering.

Whew! That felt long! All caught up now! This week’s photos should be up by Sunday. Keep an eye out for white coat pictures by God’s grace. Whoop!

Happy almost weekend!

Afoma x