Hey there, all you lovely people!

Sooo, I completed my exams for the semester and this is a big deal because it means that I get my white coat this weekend in a slightly boring ceremony followed by a flurry of photo-taking and feasting.

What does it mean to receive your white coat?

This means I am now a clinical medicine student. I shall now be learning by shadowing doctors in different fields for the next two years or so.

What does all this gibberish mean?

I’m one step closer to finishing medical school.

I thought you all might be interested in stuff that I’ve been up to for the past week or two during which I sort of went on a hiatus to focus on studying. I’ll just mention everything else but studying, because, duh.

-I’ve been prepping for my white coat ceremony. I’m really excited about it. I wasn’t until after my exams were done. Now I’m so psyched, I cannot seem to stop talking about it.


-I started taking pictures as a side hustle. Well, I’ve spread the word and a few people have asked me to take pictures of them as well. It is so exciting to create images of so many different kinds of faces.

-I’ve been practicing carefree black girl behavior. My flower crown came today, so I think I’ve taken the right first step.


-I got published in a literary magazine. I was delirious with excitement especially seeing as my work was side by side with those of so many people I look up to. Download the Nomads issue of Klorofyl magazine here.


-Spent the evening with some of my favorite ladies and we had the best night talking, eating and laughing. It was sorely needed.

-Finally getting into all my reading + watching for the summer. Currently accepting movie recommendations. Preferably drama or comedy. Romantic comedies are OK.

-Book reviews will soon be back regularly as will be photo summaries! Look out for weeks 21 & 22 soon.

I hope you’ve all been well. Miss me?

Afoma x