52 WEEKS| 19 & 20

Hello guys!

It’s me again. How are y’all doing? This was a fun week, although slightly struggulous toward the end. Wondering whether that’s a real word? It isn’t. The first three days of this week were spent indoors, studying. Then a quiz on Thursday and two exams on Friday which did not go terribly, thank God. Fear not, because by the end of this month, you will hear other stories that neither involve exams nor quizzes. Soon. In the meantime, here are the pictures from the past two weeks:

Sunday, 28.06.2015

I just adore this house and who would have guessed that purple and orange work?

Monday, 29.06.2015

This building near my school has mini balconies that remind me of France and vacations and… you get the point.

Tuesday, 30.05.2015

Caught my girlies having a candid moment.

Wednesday, 1.07.2015

One of those “oops, I haven’t taken a picture today!” photos that turned out pretty good. Shot from my backyard at about 7pm.

Thursday, 2.07.2015

iPods are not great for far away shots but if you look hard, you can see the man mowing. The greenery here makes me want to do my own intro a la Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music.

Friday, 3.07.2015

Palm trees in front of my school building.

 Saturday, 4.07.2015

Is it obvious I forgot to take pictures on this day too? But really, I’d just changed my curtains and I wanted to show you guysss.

Sunday, 5.07.2015

If there’s such a thing as garden envy, I have it for this garden. Shot this look there. Look at all the colours!

Monday, 6.07.2015

I liked the way the light was filtering in through the bathroom window. Took this on a pee break from studying. Thought you lot might like to know that.

Tuesday, 7.07.2015

It’s hard when you only leave your room to pee. Here’s a picture of my pathology notes on the reproductive system.


Wednesday, 8.07.2015

I really meant to show y’all the sunset.


Thursday, 8.07.2015

Snooping on the neighbors as always. I imagine someone coming out to ask why I’m stalking one day.

Friday, 9.07.2015

Caught these two on their scooters. The sky was so blue on Friday!

Saturday, 10.07.2015

Spending the day revising + reading a few non school books + journaling. Here’s a picture of the candle holders in my room.

I hope you’re having a great weekend! It’s so rainy and snuggly here and I might take a nap before I continue revising. Or maybe I should eat?

Till soon, Afoma x