Hello lovely people! How was your month?! June was rough and I think July will be much rougher: 2 exams. Intense. I am really looking forward to August! The first of August is the day I get my White Coat. Basically, it means, I’m done with basic sciences and am now moving on to the clinical phase of my training which is both exciting and nerve racking. But, first, we need to pass these exams!

Moving on, here are my favorite things from the month of June:

Do it Tomorrow: This app has been keeping my life together. Plus it doesn’t make me feel too bad when I cannot get everything I’d like to, off the list, it simply lets me move them over to the next day! I love the handwriting font and it the sound effects are so much like pen on paper, especially when you cross stuff off your list! It makes me want to do stuff just so I can cross them off. It’s addictive.

Look at all I've been doing. What is my life?
Look at all I’ve been doing. What is my life?

Music: I’ve been listening to a lot of music, but here are my faves from this month:

This cover of Chris Brown’s Autumn Leaves

Taylor Henderson‘s (LOVE HIM) ‘Host of Angels’ & ‘Burnt Letters’

Tori Kelly‘s ‘Dear No One’

Brymo‘s ‘If You Were Mine’

Reading List:

Pemi Aguda’s ‘Caterer, Caterer’ (Winner of the Writivism 2015 Prize)

The Portraits Series currently running on

Lade’s Blog! Especially when she shares her glorious internet finds with us.

MiaFarradaily Blog which I’d been reading on and off for a while but have really gotten into lately. That has been happening a lot lately. I think as we get older, things that didn’t appeal to us as much in the past, begin to take on a new shine.


the judge

‘The Judge’. This movie has unseated ‘Pretty Woman’ as my favorite film of all time. It is beautiful. Watch it. Robert Downey Jr. is a star.

Photography: I met Christina Suetova while I was in Ukraine and I’ve always loved her photography, but these days, she is on another level! Her pictures are so dreamy and ethereal and beautiful and right up my alley! I think my favorite kind of photography is candid/lifestyle. I live for people’s pictures of their loved ones and their lives. See more of her work here and here.


christi christina
Because I’m super generous, here’s this picture of Solange Knowles and her husband. Swoon with me.

Till soon, beautiful people!

Afoma x