52 WEEKS| WEEKS 17 & 18

Hello lovely people of the internet!

I’m back with photos from two weeks ago but that doesn’t matter because I’m here, non? I’ve been trying to catch up on school work by dodging social functions as much as possible and it’s working! Spent the day cleaning and cooking up a storm which I haven’t done for a week (the cooking part). *Sigh. I’m also finally getting caught up with school work, ever so slowly.

Sunday, 14.06.2015

I really like how it’s sunny here every Sunday.

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Monday, 15.06.2015

Rainy day on the way home from school on Monday. It’s been raining a lot lately. It better not be raining during my carefree-black-girl, flower-crown-wearing summer break.

Tuesday, 16.06.2015

I still think it’s cool that I can see planes jets land and take off from the airport here as it’s so close to our new campus. Here’s a snap from a bus stop directly opposite.

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Wednesday, 17.06.2015

I had a mini shoot with some bread sticks (that I’m obsessed with at the mo.)

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I also took a few pictures of my feet. ha ha.

Thursday, 18.06.2015

Creeping on a few medical students in scrubs at the supermarket. That’ll be me soon, guysss.

Friday, 19.06.2015

It’s Sabrinaaaa. Look at all that arm and ankle candy.

Saturday, 20.06.2015

My school held a health fair where members of the community could come get their blood pressures, sugar levels, BMIs and visual acuity checked. It was such a great experience! One of those things that remind you why all the stress is worth it. It was organised by the St Vincent chapter of the American Medical Students Association 🙂

IMG_0312 IMG_0309

Sunday, 21.06.2015

Super grainy snapchat picture of my neighbors flowers.

Monday, 22.06.2015

I liked how I could see blue skies and dark clouds heralding rain at the same time. This place gets so bipolar sometimes.

Tuesday, 23.06.2015

My cousin and I had a photo shoot on Tuesday morning. It was a great morning!

I’m a bit obsessed with my neighbor’s truck. I should write a poem about it.

Wednesday, 24.06.2015

Sooo, I had been looking for eggs for TWO DAYS! This is a big deal because just in my neighborhood alone, there are at least 4-6 hens. -___- Why weren’t they working? I finally found eggs on Wednesday. It deserved to be captured, period.

Thursday, 25.06.2015

I kept thinking but I couldn’t figure out if I’d shown y’all this house before? I have so many pictures of it. Talk about redefining the term “storey building”.

Friday, 26.06.2015

I did not take a single picture on Friday. Imagine the horror when I woke up at 7pm and remembered. That’s why you have this, guys. Straight from bed central.

Saturday, 27.06.2015

Told y’all I’d been cooking up a storm today.

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That’s all folks! I hope you like the pictures. They’re not the best, but it’s where I’m at right now. School is king for about a month more and then it’s Freedom.

Happy Weekend!

Afoma x