Hey guys!

Here’s another late post because school is trying to kill me. I’ve been sleeping about four to six hours (three hours once this week) out of 24 daily mostly because I’m one of those people who can actually function quite well without that much sleep, but you know what’s mind-boggling? THERE’S STILL NOT ENOUGH TIME. I’m barely writing or editing pictures or anything and yet, I can’t find time for anything but the bare necessities.

That’s by the way, anyway.


Sunday, 7.06.2015

Here’s a picture of sunlight+ shadows on the wall in my bedroom.


Monday, 8.06.2015  

I went to town to buy eyebrow pencil after first block exams because mine was about two centimeters long at that point. It was time.


Tuesday, 9.06.2015

Blue skies are my endorphin. Really. Them and sunsets.


Wednesday, 10.06.2015

A bathroom (school restroom) selfie with my ladies.


Thursday, 11.06.2015

There are abandoned boats everywhere here. It’s like everyone once owned a boat. So, here’s this sad little one in the forest opposite my house, for you.


Friday, 12.06.2015

More grocery shopping and running into some Ecuadorians in uniform (= ice cream cones) at an ice cream truck who let me take a picture. (*whew, that was a long sentence)



Terrible picture of breakfast because Saturday was a lazy day  morning.

I hope you’re all having a better week! My school is having a health fair this weekend, so bye bye Saturday. Enter extra Sunday study time. How’s that for TGIF?

Afoma x

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