Okay, so disclaimer, we didn’t necessarily eat here, because we took our food home BUT this is not a restaurant review. This is a post to show you all the beauty my eyes saw at Mariners Hotel (French Verandah is the restaurant there). So, last Friday, because I was craving pizza and ice cream, my cousin and I decided to order pizza from this hotel’s restaurant and because they don’t do deliveries, we took a stroll to pick up our orders. I wore pajama bottoms (that you will see in a style post, yes, STYLE post) and it was just past 6pm.

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We got there and discovered that we could also get milkshakes and barbecued chicken. So, of course we did.

it was candle-lit! eek

bananas, strawberries and other stuff i’ve forgotten.

Look at the scenery! I want to stay a day in this hotel just for the view!!

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We left after we got all our goodies, in less than 20 minutes. I can’t wait to return! I just need sponsors and stoffs.

What evening adventures do you like to unwind with?

Afoma x