52 WEEKS| WEEKS 14 & 15

Hey loves,

Busy times, busy times. I am actually so proud of the fact that I’ve still been taking pictures. I have at least taken one picture everyday, even on days when the idea seemed silly or days when all I could think of was what drugs treat angina or the difference between dilated and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

Editing and posting though have been a different story. I’m pretty much a perfectionist with pictures and I struggle with posting things I’m not 100% proud of, so I’d just decided to just chill until there was free time, and alas, here I am, unwinding after exams 2/3 by writing this blog post. I am sure you understand. 🙂


Sunday, 24.05.2015// 31.06.2015

I really like this picture of the man doing repairs.

This house is so pretty!


Monday, 25.05.2015// 01.06.2015

Boring study day picture, sorry guys. It was a holiday and I didn’t leave the house.

Constantly eyeing this house! Blue skies make for the perfect picture!


Tuesday, 26.05.2015// 02.06.2015

The colours in this picture make me so happy.

A part of my street.


Wednesday, 27.05.2015// 03.06.2015

One of those days when I remembered to take a picture only after I was home.


Took this while having a chat with my friends after class.

Thursday, 28.05.2015// 04.06.2015

Stuck in a bus during some early morning showers.

Just a palm tree and some cloud magic.


Friday, 29.05.2015// 05.06.2015

 When I realize I haven’t taken any photos, I run to snapchat.

A post will be coming this week about a restaurant my cousin and I visited. Stay tuned.


Saturday, 30.05.2015// 06.06.2015

Just the usual creeping at the supermarket.

All I’ve been doing today is stu(dying). Literally on a break for an hour, typing this, because my brain is out of space.

I’ve got one more paper on Monday and then… it’s back to studying. This semester is hard, guys. But we go dey alright. I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Afoma x