Hello guys!

It’s another month to talk about all the wonderful things I’ve been loving! I’ve been particularly loving blogs and bloggers this month so this post is almost more like “favourite blogs”.

Contributing to BlackFabulousity: I don’t know exactly how many of you know, but I recently started contributing to a site called BlackFabulousity which celebrates African creativity especially with regards to art, fashion and photography. There’s something for everyone and I’ve always admired this site, so I am thrilled that they let me contribute. Read my posts for BlackFabulousity here.

Noel Alva Photography


There’s something wonderfully unconventional about his wedding photography that I love. I saw his travel photography featured on Nik-Nak and I fell in love.

Wildflower: A Proposal: In which a man makes a video for his girlfriend. I love videos like this. So many perks of dating a movie maker. It’s 25 mins long, so be prepared. It is really good and you might shed a tear (or two). There’s such a huge lesson on waiting for the right time for relationships and patience generally.

Nigerian Alternative Playlist: This playlist has made studying so much easier. So many beautiful songs from Nigerians! It’s wonderful. My ears have never been so happy. Thanks again, Nik-Nak.

Blog: A Little bit of Lacquer:


I don’t find relatable blogs often so I was very excited to find Laura’s blog. She is a doctor (just finished from Havard Medical a couple of days ago), has a 1 year old and writes an amazing blog with decor tips, recipes, style posts and tips for medical students! I haven’t been so inspired in ages. Read her blog, guys. Plus her baby is cute as a button! Did I mention her husband just graduated med school too? Yep. Read this if you’re wondering how she juggles it all. I absolutely love her philosophy on life.

I always write down everything that needs to get done (keeping it all in your head will drive you crazy), and plan my days accordingly. I also don’t sweat the small stuff, and don’t feel the need to be perfect. A lot of students study for hours and hours and don’t sleep or take care of themselves, thinking they need to sacrifice a few years of their life to get where they want to be. I work hard, but I’d be pretty pissed if I died tomorrow and spent all my time working and putting my life on hold. So I live with that in mind.

I hope you find something you like. I’m so busy, guys. This semester is a lot of work and I have exams this Friday and next Monday so it’s grind time. I hope you’re all good. Love the response to my last post and I’ve read some your beautiful things too and I’m so happy to see that you all took time to write about them 🙂

Till soon, Afoma x