These Are A Few Of My Beautiful Things.

I spent a lot of time last night on Osemhen’s blog (eurekanaija) and this (you should read it and follow her blog) was one of my favorite posts. I certainly appreciate beauty in all of it’s forms. I appreciate good aesthetics and the beauty in the mundane and in nature.

Then there’s this TEDtalk delivered by Richard Seymour in which he explores the idea (and convinces me) that beauty is not in what we see, but what is felt. It is how images/music/people/moments make you feel in the gut. It is an amazing talk and you should watch it if you can.

Here are a few of the things that I remember feeling in my gut + a few other things that get me in the gut every single time:

(To prevent repetition, mentally add “it’s beautiful” to the end of every point)

  • Waking up to hearing my parents’ laughter. They do this thing on weekends where they get up before us and just chat in the kitchen while my mum makes breakfast.
  • Hearing my brother call me his sister. It’s something about the unmistakable pride in his voice. He’s my only sibling; it’s kind of a big deal.
  • Rhodes‘ voice. Every single time.
  • The first night I heard Joonie’s “Delilah”. It felt like the soul and melancholy filled the room. Melancholy sounds powerful at 1am.
  • Walking home with my friend Damilola in Swansea after a late dinner with all the lights, talking and laughing without a care in the world, and just thinking “yes, this is what life is about”.
  • Take off and landing. There’s something about arriving at my destination safely, something about hitting the ground again.
  • The first minute or so on Skype (depending on how good your connection is) with my friends when everyone just smiles and waves and is excited to see each other.
  • Looking at a picture just after taking it and realizing that the camera captured exactly what you saw in the moment.
  • Writing a good sentence. Finally writing after a long stretch of writers block.
  • Objects suspended in the air. Like these balloons for example

These are a few of my beautiful things. I would love to know what yours are. Let me know in the comments or write an entire post and send me a link!

Happy Thursday! (it’s almost Friday!)

Afoma x

  • I love this Afoma ❤❤

    • Thank you Sotie ❤️

  • I absolutely love this post, in fact, I’m going to do one just like it. So many beautiful things to enjoy all around us!


    • Thank you. Yes! So many beautiful things. Looking forward to reading yours! ❤️

  • *insert blissful sigh*
    First, thank you for introducing me to this ‘beautiful’ artistes . Second, would you believe, just yesterday I wondered if you knew about Osemehen’s blog and if I should display my oversabi-ness by telling you about her? Look who referred to her!

    I think brilliant, engaging company, the Bible, the sound of laughter, music and words, rich meals, and that fulfilling thrill i derive when I either see my clothes drying out on the line with matching pegs and hangers or when I’m done ironing a number of outfits would easily top my list of beautiful things. 🙂

    How are you dear?

    • Haha! Great minds 😉 I’m well, Lizzie. I hope you’re doing well too ❤️

  • “Writing a good sentence” – ah, that is everything.
    One of my beautiful things is having a long, warm shower and forgetting life.

    And also, this:

    and this

    • ❤️ long showers (+good music playing) – the best.

  • I don’t even know where to start. I think I’d just make a post. ???

    • Yes! Write a blog post about it ?

  • Did something exactly like this recently too! Nice

  • Did something exactly like this recently too! Nice

    Here’s my link :

  • I loved this post so I tagged along.
    Here’s my link…

  • Jen

    I love this post so much! I think I’ll do one too in the near future (when I get off my lazy behind)

    Nigerian and Natural

  • “Take off and landing. There’s something about arriving at my destination safely, something about hitting the ground again.” This got to me. I travel a lot and every time I arrive safely at my destination I’m just very grateful. It’s really beautiful.
    And the part about writing after a stretch of writer’s block, I can relate with that too. It’s always so relieving and fills me with pride.

    -David Adeleke |

    • Glad that you can relate 🙂