Hey there, my people!

Week 12’s photos are finally here, while we are in week 13, because, life. I will try to bring you this week’s pictures on time.



My backyard 🙂 I love how chill Sundays are and when it’s sunny and we just sing and laugh and forget that the next day is Monday. Plus, there has to be Sunday rice you know.


Monday, 11.05.2015

I tried last week to really be more creative and take better pictures, so when I came to class and saw the light dancing into the room, I had to get myself a subject and I was pleased with the result.



Tuesday, 12.05.2015

Came home exhausted but caught light filtering in. Light and shadows are my weakness.


Wednesday, 13.05.2015

Here’s a picture of my tiny, red mailbox to make you smile. 🙂


Thursday, 14.05.2015

When I saw this door, the first thing I thought was “ooh a red door”, it turns out it’s not the door that’s red. My eyes must be playing games.



Grape study. There’s a whole set of pictures on my tumblr and instagram 🙂


Saturday, 16.05.2015.

My friends came over to study and we took a stroll afterwards and as usual I was creeping on this house as seen in my last style post.


I hope everyone had a lovely week. Mine was a bit rough so I’m going to go edit some pictures, then lie down and maybe get up to study after. Exciting stuff.

Till soon, Afoma x