Why you should keep a journal

Hi guys!

Today’s mission is to convince every single one of you to keep a journal. Yes, a journal.

A journal differs from a diary only in the sense that it does not necessitate daily entries. Of course you may write daily in your journal, I personally believe that is fine practice. Really though, there is no difference between a diary and a journal. Personally I do not write things exactly as they occur in my journal. My journal is where I make poetry out of music or life events. BIG happenings in my life are documented as well and I always add a date and time. I have been actively and consistently journaling since September of last year. I write in my journal at least once a week, because that’s what I can afford to do for now.

I know some people make video journals where they talk to themselves in the camera or just record things that happen in their lives and those of their loved ones and I’m working on doing that as well. Photography is also a great form of journaling, especially candid photos printed on normal paper and just placed in scrapbooks. The purpose is really just keeping memories. Once you read from that page or see that picture or watch that video, all the feelings you felt at that time will be remembered!

Why YOU should keep a journal

Improve your writing: I’m no poetry maestro but my poetry has remarkably improved since I started journaling. It’s probably the fact that I make myself write something, even about nothing in the best way possible and then I go back after a few days to make edits with different ink and a few of these posts make it on to the blog as posts from my journal pages. It is very rewarding. So, if you’re a writer or you’re trying to become one, journaling will help improve your skills!

Sorting the feels: This is actually one of the real reasons why I have a journal. Confession: I talk to myself A LOT. Literally speaking out loud to myself and it does not matter where I am. Writing helps me do this less. I’ve been in classes where I’ve zoned out thinking about the right metaphor to perfectly encapsulate feelings and I’ve stopped mid sentence many a time to “find the perfect word”, it’s becoming a problem. I need to write to sort out my crazy. I’ve written to deal with relationship drama, to understand my feelings and other people’s friendships and sometimes the things I’ve written make sense to no one else but me, but it’s okay, because I get it.

Memory: I write to remember. To remember feelings and events and things. I forget things a lot, especially when they’re not book related or high on the priority list and I’m known to suppress hurtful memories to the extent that I forget the exact plot of how certain things went down. I need to write.

Pleasure: let’s be honest, I enjoy writing, especially hand writing. I like creating and writing in my journal gives me that feeling, so why not?

Fancy stationery!: This is a legit reason.. I love having reasons to buy new notebooks. Journaling justifies that. I have no apologies or regrets.

I hope with these few points, I have at least convinced you to at least consider journaling.

Love, Afoma x

PS- I’m starting a photography project! My friend Oroma and I decided to do a 365 days of photography, mostly as a form of journaling and to improve my photography. I’ll be posting weekly photos on here every single weekend (from next weekend) so it will be more 52 weeks of photography than 365 days. I will do my best to keep them interesting and it will just be seven photos from each day of the week, either taken with my DSLR or iPhone or iPod. I think it’s a lovely idea for anyone working on being better at photography.

I’m excited about it!