STYLE| What's in my (school) bag?








Hello guys! Surprise surprise! It’s a what’s in my bag? post! EEK! I love these so much because I am nosy. I want all my favorite bloggers to do one of these posts! I’m looking at you Oroma, Ibukun, thekinkandi, Sabirah etc. Cassie already did one ages ago! Anyway, this was a fun post to make. In all honesty, I just enjoy posts that involve pictures and color!

I guess I should first mention that this bag, which you’ve all seen before is from NewLook.

1- Umbrella from MANGO. I’ve had it for over a year now, I think. It’s not the sturdiest, mostly because of its size but it has borne some strong Vincy winds so I think it was a good buy!

2- Wallet from MANGO. I got this in Abuja this past December because my old wallet was falling apart at the seams, literally. I love how the red is sort of velvety and how it pops!

3- File: There’s a cute girl on the cover, with the inscription “Paris est tres belle”. It works well, the file and its cute. I can’t remember exactly where I got it. Probably in Tesco or Wilkinson.

4-Sunglasses– my one and only. Two years and going strong, from Stradivarius. Sunglasses are pretty important when you live in the Caribbean and are prone to migraines, or even if you’re not.

5- Glasses glasses: I have myopia so I need my eyes in class. I got it at the doctor’s office and I have no idea what brand it is. *checks glasses* There’s no brand name, guys.

6-Notebooks: I like the Fabriano books. They’re apparently also good for the environment and chlorine free and all that and then the blue notebooks are moleskine notebooks from amazon. I have a stationery problem, I’m aware.

7- iPod: my phone is usually also here as well, but I had already taken it out of the bag. And my tablet too.

8- Aveeno handcream: smells like oats. Other than that, it works like a dream.

9- Pencil case: it says “Epic” on the underside, in case you wondering.

10- Gum. Chewing gum, because frosh breath, always.

11- Tangled mess of earphones and keys!

That’s all I usually have in my bag these days. I’m learning the art of traveling light. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’m excited to see other bloggers do this!

Love, Afoma x