Throwback Thursday!

Hi guys!

So, a lot of people started following this blog in 2014 and I’m really appreciative of all of you who keep coming back to read my wildcard of a blog. I mean, sometimes I don’t even know, myself what’s up next, It’s here, there and everywhere and I’m starting to warm up to the randomness. At the end of last year, when WordPress sent the annual review, it was with mixed feelings that I received the news that I really am having a hard time outdoing myself. Here’s what I mean:

staying power, they said


I was flattered, a teeny bit, that stuff I wrote a couple of years back was still bringing readers here and every once in a while, one brave person, completely unafraid to be termed “weird stalker” would comment on a post from 2013 and my heart would swell. I always respond to comments on old posts because it means you really loved it or you’re just unapologetic about your love for old posts. You loved it either way and I appreciate that.

When I started this blog, it made me ‘completely beside myself” to be able to write about my feelings. I was braver, cared less about what people thought or who commented or who was even reading. Honesty time: I had been blogging for almost a year before I discovered that you could check your stats. It was a time of blissful ignorance and I loved it. Sometimes, I miss it. Now, though, I love blogging even more. It’s less about opinions and for a while was all short stories and poetry. I’m coming into my own, if I dusse so myself and I like that I can blog about whatever makes me happy/what I have time for and I love everything that I blog about, especially myself.

Sidebar: I’m reading too many memoirs these days, I just sounded like Mindy Kaling.

Going through old blog posts brings me the strongest scent of nostalgia, almost more than looking at pictures. It’s so strong, it practically hurts my nostrils, especially when I see my old posts peppered with “sha” and “lol” and all my teenage exuberance. Anyway, enough reminiscing! No, not really, let’s reminisce more. This post is my way of sharing my 10 favorite posts from way back then. No judgement, please. Thanks.

-My First Ever Post *cringe: things about me. I even wrote about the kind of underwear I liked! This post made me smile and cringe at the same time. You should try it. It makes for an interesting facial expression. I wrote it in 2011. I posted just once in 2012. I was going through stuff guys. Real teenage stuff…

-And then I came back, and started pretending  to write poetry. Here’s Lost, my first real-ish poem. I know, I know. Even Picasso had to start somewhere, guys.

Sidebar: I’m feeling exceptionally cocky today, guys. It’s allowed.

-Then Nigeria got gold in 2013’s AFCON. I was thrilled and so were Twitter folk. The Burkina Faso team kept us guessing, especially about what you call people from Burkina Faso.

This is one of my favorite posts! It was so much fun to play a game with music and I’m tempted to do it again! It got a lot of attention because it was titled “My Kind of Love”. I should have known y’all were nosy then.

– I wrote the sequel to the first short story I’d ever written. Reading it now makes me feel funny but  I like seeing it because I’m reminded on days when I feel like a terrible writer how far I’ve come.

– I was quite the oversharer then. I even told you all about having my wallet stolen! And you all loved it, you little devils.

-I used to enjoy posting a lot of photography here before and advice people a lot. I think recognizing that I don’t always have it together either puts me off giving advice these days but if you think I could be of help in anyway, my inner psychotherapist and advice giver still lives guysss. I’m only an email away.

-I talked about my life a lot too, see here. Where has this person gone?! She seemed very cool. Now I feel like I really cannot or shouldn’t speak about myself or my feelings on the internet and I want to fiercely protect everything. *sigh. Growing up is hard.

-Then I went and wrote a semi-thriller. I still like it. I think I did okay.

-My ABSOLUTE FAVORITE post and apparently my blog’s superstar is this post on being Nigerian. People also seem to like reading about my Introversion. I also have posts on perfectionism and pessimism.

Is that more than 10? uh-oh. I still want to put up more but I think I might start to bore you guys. Like I always say, the past makes for a nice host, as long as you don’t overstay your welcome visiting.

On a serious note, I hope I can write posts that appeal to people as much as these ones did. I can’t have already peaked in this blogging thing yet, please.

Till soon, Afoma x