Hello there guys and girls,

Just checking in with everyone. How have you guys been? Did you have a good week? Write any tests, exams lately? How’s work going? I have my first block exams next Monday and I’m spending the weekend buried in books, memorizing bacteria and reading about pathological processes and psychoanalysis.

This semester I started doing psychology and I’ve been having a ball so far. The human mind fascinates me so much and learning just how it works is literally so exciting for me. I realized I haven’t really spoken about my life lately, but that’s because the first few weeks of every new semester is just spent adjusting, for me, really. I have to develop new study methods and figure out new ways to think, in order to do well in the new courses, but I’ve been okay. You know when you’re not ridiculously happy, but you’re not sad sad, either, you’re just OKAY. I’m OKAY, guys.

I’m excited because my class has got an outing planned next weekend as part of post-exam turn up so hopefully, fingers crossed, I’ll be able to take a few lovely pictures and we can have an out and about post up on the blog. I’ve also been writing a few stories and reading a few books so right now, there’s just a ton of unfinished work. *sigh. I get bored quickly, methinks.

ALSO, I stumbled upon some lovely wallpapers on and she actually made them herself and the aesthetics are so great so if you’re in the market for new, minimalist and artistic wall paper, click here. I was really going to hold off and wait till the end of the month, but I get too talkative when I like stuff, it’s a problem.

I’ll bow out now and get back to the books. I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Love, Afoma x