This book is a collection of prose and poetry written by British author of Jamaican and Nigerian descent, Yrsa Daley-Ward.

I was looking for something different and quicker to read because when I’m in school, it simply takes ages to get through one book and then I get stuck in a sort of rut especially if it’s one of those slow starting stories. A lot of books I’ve been reading start slow. I quite like slow starters though, because most of them get really good in the middle.

‘Bone’ is a collection of what I believe are deeply personal stories rendered with such finesse and unblinking vulnerability. It gives you a true sense of the life she’s lived and is peppered with wise advice. If you love poetry, you should read this book and if you’re more of a prose person, you’ll love this book. Her poetry is mostly prose-poetry, the best kind.

Favorite Quotes:

When I joke about having other lovers you tell me they’re all in you so where would I be running to?

The worst thing about somebody who betrays you, somebody who turns out to be a completely different person to whom you first thought, is the love that you still feel in your heart for them, embedded so deeply into the narrow spaces of yourself that you cannot access it to try and remove it.

If you were married to yourself could you stay with yourself?

You can’t quell depression by making love. But we tried. But we tried, oh, we did.

I miss you in tiny earthquakes in little underground explosions

Remember on the right night and under the right light any idea can seem like a good one and love love is mostly ill advised but always brave.

you’re afraid to write it, that’s a good sign. I suppose you know you’re writing the truth when you’re terrified

It (Love) is solid. Not sweet but always nutritious.

I definitely have to read more poetry. There’s something about good poetry that just informs you about life and living!

I gave this book four stars. I’d recommend it.