Currently Loving…|JANUARY

Hello people of the internet!

How is the going? I hope everyone had a good week? I was swamped in quizzes and presentations and stuff but I am excited that is finally the weekend! Since finding out that you guys love to hear about my personal life *gasps* (I’m still happy about that obviously). I decided to share some of my favorite things in January. It’s a bit of everything, as this blog is.

Sidebar: what would you call this blog anyway? Lifestyle? Writing? Fashion? Personal? (i think so too)

So here’s some of the stuff I’ve been loving, along with a little something from the Caribbean at the end!


  • Rhodes: *sigh. He’s my newest favorite. I love his music so much, there’s a blogpost dedicated to it here. I’ve known about him since September of last year, but I recently bought his EP and I just had to spotlight him. Everyone needs to know how great he is.


  • The god of Small Things: I really want to do a book review for this, but I don’t think I have the right words to artculate how amazing it is. It’s my new favorite book of all time. It’s by Arudhati Roy and it’s about a set of Twins and the events they precipitated unintentionally and how they changed the lives of an entire family and then some more people. It’s what you would call “achingly beautiful’ and this woman writes the most beautiful words, she makes broken, beautiful. so, read it!


  • Creme in my Coffee: Lipstick by MAC. Gorgeous nude colour and it suits my skin tone. Ahh. I want to wear it every single day. It comes off a bit darker on camera, so here’s a picture of me wearing it.


  • Sharpie pens: I love these pens! They write so thick and still do not bleed onto the next page. I’ve been using these fine point pens for a while and now normal ball point pens seem so faint in comparison. They’re actually pricey for pens but if I study so hard, I can at least indulge on good stationery, no?


  • Arm Candy: I’ve been into a lot of bracelets lately especially brightly colored ones with an African feel to them. I’m still building my collection and I cannot wait till my arm is almost all covered with bracelets. These are my little joys, guys.

DSC_0729 DSC_0731

  • Carib slang of the week: “commess” = gossip.  A lover of commess is what we Nigerians would call an “amebo” or “aproko” I find slangs in other countries very interesting, to be honest. It’s amazing how different cultures think in different ways.

That’s all for this month, folks. See you at the end of February, God willing with more beautiful favorite things.

Love, Afoma x

  • Arm candy, I couldn’t help but notice them on your wrists when I saw you. I’ll be sure to check out the Rhodes guy, I’m a bit skeptical about music, but lets see. Nice blog by the way, really neat. ?

    • Haha! Thank you! You should check Rhodes out, you just might like him. Glad you decided to pop by 🙂

  • That lippie looks amazing

    • Thank you, babe ??

  • I see you on the blue skies
    I need a little sunshine
    I fell into your brown eyes
    I told you I was your light

    No I don’t want to talk about it it, I don’t want to listen all that much
    Is it falling apart?
    No I don’t want to talk about it I just wanna hold you hand

    Oh you know when you’re alone I’m holding on and on and on
    Oh you know I should be studying for me ethics and ORGANIC CHEMISTRY EXAMS tomorrow but I’m here listening to Rhodes, lol I love the music

  • Kech

    please do a book review kind sister. your arm candy collection looks like it’ll worth a steal.