Hello beautiful people!

How are you guys? I realize I haven’t really hollered in a while. I did not forget about the poll I put up on the blog about a month ago asking what you’d love to see more of. Thanks to everyone who took the time to give me feedback. I really appreciate it. Now, the results.

35% want to see more personal posts and stuff about my personal life (you nosy bunch, lol). Honestly guys, I’m flattered.

17% want to see more short stories and poetry. I hear you guys. I want to read more of that too. I’m working on it and in case you missed my last short story, it’s still on the blog here.

15% want more fashion and style posts! Okay, people, I’ll keep that in mind 🙂

11% want to see book reviews. Y’all really don’t love the book reviews eh? I’ve set a goal to read 50 books this year and I’m on my third book for the year so there will still be more book reviews. Sorry, not sorry.

4% want to see other. And guess what they filled out? “EVERYTHING” Real MVPs, you know.

You’ve all spoken and I have indeed heard. Prepare for awesomeness on the blog this year and hopefully a lot more over-sharing and personal stuff and the entire shebang!

Till soon, Afoma x

PS: Notice any changes on the blog?! Yes, new theme. Again. I obviously have commitment issues. x_x