I am learning to take life one day at a time,

to breathe today’s air, smell today’s scents and foul smells

and not to worry about how bad the next day may be.

I am learning surrender.

I am learning to let God drive.

I am learning to trust Him to know the way every time,

and to never let me fall in holes I couldn’t come out of.

I am un-learning “control”.


What things are you unlearning?

  • To stop over thinking and stressing over how people might perceive me. I’m not the most perfect person and I’ve realized where I am my own problem but I’m one of the good ones ( sounds like I’m trying to convince myself right? Lol)


    • You are one of the good ones! Most people perceive you way better than you know. I actively try not to think about how others see me, its just so stressful.

  • Like I understand this more than the ordinary, I ve ‘unlearned’ hw to worry…….. and this just one of the many ‘unlearnd’ attributes

    • Unlearning is so necessary. 🙂

  • I’m unlearning “Influence”

  • Unlearning that you don’t ever have to do it by by yourself.

  • I’m unlearning small rebellions. I’m relearning stubbornness- to remain stubborn, but over the right things.