"water no get enemy"

so I am standing, in this dream

afraid to jump in the water; I can’t swim. You see, I have tried to learn this art, this art of simply letting the water befriend you, hold your hand but not pull you off course, caress you and not submerge you. This dance of graceful arms and legs that flutter like butterflies in the stomach of a teenage girl. I have tried and although my people say:

water no get enemy

I do not think the water is my friend… yet.

so I am standing, afraid to jump.

I try to start a conversation; I dip my toes in the cold water, wiggle my toes in greeting and leave my feet breathing the water until she is no longer cold. Then I sit and let the waves come crashing in. My friend does not think that this the right way to befriend the water. He thinks you dive straight into it or get thrown in and make your way to shore by hook or crook.

I squat under water, open my eyes and I can almost see the weight leave me. I luxuriate in it, this feeling, almost like free-falling without repercussions. She likes me, she holds my hand now and she does not try to submerge me. My arms and legs begin the dance.