Introducing TrafficLights-WritingBreaks

Hello guys!

This post is really for those who have been under a rock and still do not know that yesterday, my friends Esther and Tiwa and I started posting on a writing blog we have been working on for quite a while. We are so excited to present trafficlights-writingbreaks to you! I would appreciate if you guys popped by to see what it’s like over there because I’m certain you’d all love it.

I’m still doing exam prep and I’m honestly at the point where I feel my brain is completely saturated, except there’s still more to learn.

Also, I wanted to mention that there will still be regular posts on this blog; style posts, posts on life and living, short stories and poetry. However, we simply loved the idea of a safe place for our words where we had the chance to store all that we might be uncomfortable posting elsewhere, if that makes sense.

Till soon, Afoma x