Exams (again)

DSC_0516 DSC_0511


This has been my life for the past week. My first exam is on Friday and the other three are on the Monday of next week. Took these on a study break, because I miss my camera and real photography and I’m itching to get to properly use it during this break!

I’ve been loving this google chrome extension/app called momentum. It lets you make to-do lists AND cross out stuff once you’re done! That gives me the most satisfying feeling. It also gives you a lovely new photograph to make your eyes happy and your heart swoon daily, plus it has manners. I try to make studying more exciting by colour coding and charts and I’m mostly a visual learner so it’s like killing two birds with a stone.


And, the wall of craziness is back up!


I have some exciting news about a project I’ve been working on with some lovely people and I can’t wait to share with you guys soon. Right now though, I need to go make today count!

Here’s a video I enjoyed watching this weekend. How to be Productive by AdannaDavid for those needing some inspiration for the week.