sometimes being two-faced isn’t the most horrible thing.

I think that often we need to have more than one side to us, more than one side to show, because if we lived any other way, we would simply be lying; walking around fully clothed in untruths.

And so, what are you? Or what are you not? And who says what’s good for you should always feel good and yet bad things may be the sweetest.

I am depth and yet I am more vain than life’s pursuits and I could be just as shallow as a puddle. My heart is free as a bird and yet as firmly grounded as an oak tree and unshakeable in its thoughts. My mind is open and yet my common sense will never be free to fall out and yes, I shut my mind to ideologies that I want to keep out.

I am fierce and big and yet I am small and the gentlest of doves.

So, what are you? For we are each a thousand contradictions.