Style| Uniform: Purple Reign.


How’s your week going? I wore this to school today and many people believe that purple is definitely my colour (the shirt is more burgundy though, but roll with it) and the shirt is such a huge favorite of mine. I’d wear it everyday if I could. It’s such a comfortable tee.


DSC_0478 DSC_0482 DSC_0485 DSC_0490 DSC_0487

T-shirt: NewLook


Shoes & Jeans: H&M

So, I remember I was supposed to do a weekend update but I ended up not going to all the places I though I would because I had to get my life together post-exams and brace myself for my final block. hashtagnodaysoff.

On Friday though, my friends and I went out and I had the best time plus there were chicken wings at midnight involved so, yeah, best time. Spent Saturday wiping down the house with my flatmate and attempting to study later. Sunday was for my christian meetings and more studying and catching up with friends in other time zones.

I had a lovely weekend and I’ve been writing, a lot! I’ve also been reading, a few pages a day and by the weekend, I should be working on a book review. Exciting timess.

Till soon, Afoma x

**photo credit: My housemate, Nissi. (girl, you may just have a career in photography.) It was her first time, you guyss and I always shoot manual so she did good!

Here’s a nice blooper. Let’s play a game; caption this photo.