Post-Exam Feels.

Hey guys!


It feels so good to be able to finally say that. I think I did alright and I’m hoping that my scores will be an improvement from last block’s exams, but really, I’m just satisfied with knowing that I gave 100%. Like, I don’t know if I could have done anymore, so I’m satisfied. Scored will be out tomorrow or next and YES WE STILL HAVE TO BE IN SCHOOL TOMORROW! WHO DOES THAT?!

I’ve been spending time post exam;

Eating: left over pasta from last night

Watching: YouTube videos and binge watching ancient episodes of Grey’s anatomy that reinforce the fact time and age are very real concepts.

Feeling: Super loved and grateful for all the lovely people in my life who remembered that I had exams and send me encouraging messages. Y’all are too good to me!

Needing: To go downstairs to get ice cream because what’s post exam celebrations without ice cream. Also needing to take down what has been my wall decor for the past week.

I get a tad obsessive.
I get a tad obsessive.

Wishing: I didn’t have to be in school tomorrow, but, med school.

Wanting: To finally write a few lines of something tonight; Poetry, prose, something.

I’m taking this blogging thing serious, you guys. I’ve even set reminders and I plan to blog every time I get a reminder.

I just wanted to leave a little update. It looks like my weekend is going to be quite exciting, so you’ll probably hear about it next Monday.

Just a shout out to all my lovely classmates in Ukraine. They’re all in different parts of Ukraine now with everything that’s happened, but they’re taking the Ukrainian equivalent of Step 1 exams today/tomorrow// 11th November (this timezone thing is confusing, please) and I just want to wish them ALL the very best! They deserve it!

Till soon, Afoma x

PS: Sorry, if it takes a little while to reply to emails, I will get right back to you as soon as I can.