Quarter Blogger Life Crisis? (and life lately)

*Clears throat*

This is seriously becoming a terrible pattern of inconsistency BUT y’all really cannot blame me because I am trying. I am really, really trying to keep up with life. I feel like someone hit the fast forward button and my life is moving faster than Dr Najeeb’s lectures at an 8x audio playback speed. I CANNOT DEAL. But I’m here now and I am recommitting to blogging, but first, I’mma let y’all know what’s been going on and why I’ve been MIA.

First of all, there’s this huge thing trying to obliterate all other aspects of my existence tiny thing called medical school that literally swallows up all of my time and then I have to also make time for other things more important than blogging, like keeping my spirituality intact and staying in touch with old friends and family and making new friends here because in case you didn’t already know (bad, bad follower, you are) I moved literally across oceans? to the Caribbean where I’m currently continuing medical  school. Everything here is tighter, to be honest. There’s better teaching but also a higher amount of attention paid to detail and a mind boggling pattern of questioning based on concepts and past USMLE questions, but that’s a story for another day. PLUS, because there are fewer courses per semester, you could have the same courses every single day and cover a textbook chapter’s worth of information everyday per subject and I’m not about that letting work pile up life so I gotta keep up. It’s been a big adjustment, but *insert comment about black man blood* and God of course has had my back.

Second, you guys, I’ve been feeling things. Inadequacies with regards to writing and blogging, divided emotions about over-sharing on the internet ( I mean, how much is too much?) and then I’ve just discovered that at a point, the blog became more about the readers and what they want and less about me and what I wanted to write about. Now y’all know I love and appreciate all your comments and the fact that you email me and check up on me and are very vocal about what you like to see on the blog, but whats the point of a personal blog if I don’t post what I want to? What’s the point if I refuse to put up a post because it’s not a great poem or short story? I’ve put way too much pressure on myself and taking several steps back (and talking to my girlfriends about everything) has put stuff in perspective. I’m a little obsessive with order and filing and how everything should “fit” into a category on the blog and how the blog should “fit” into a category in the blogosphere but that does no good if it stops me from writing and putting up posts. So, it’s about to get really random up here guys, no apologies.

Finally, I’m terribly shy about people saying “I found your blog!” “Oh, you fancy blogger person!” “ah, miss photographer!” “ah, writer! Miss ihundasmusings” etc, but this is what happens when you move and people get to know you and you start to let them and you add them on Facebook and they see your gazillion blog posts. *sigh.

I am back, officially. I’ve been enjoying so many lifestyle blogs like Ibukun’s blog and med student blogs like Daniella’s blog and seeing Oroma’s lovely style posts on her blog, Tiwa’s writing tumblr and Lade’s posts as well! I want to do a little bit of everything, guys and get better at this internet sharing thing because isn’t that where all the fun’s at?

I’ve actually been having a bit of a social life these days and I’ve made some lovely friends especially from the congregation here and I’m happy and this place is too gorgeous to not be happy because the sun shines everyday and there are yellow hibiscuses and roses everywhere and you can see the ocean from literally everywhere and there are stunning houses built on hills so high they take my breath away. I am happy.

I have exams on the 10th of November and I am currently on a very extended study break as I gaze longingly upon my schedule and all the work I have to catch up on tonight and say a sad good bye to tonight’s six hours of sleep, just because I had to talk to you guyss. See how much I care? I have so much more to tell you guys and show you about living in the Caribbean. I hope y’all stay for the ride. Also, because I live in a very aesthetically pleasing location, every post will be blessed with a few photos (I know, I know, I’m far too kind. You’re welcome)

Till Soon, Afoma x

iphone snap on the way home on Sunday. things you see casually driving home. *sigh

P.S: thetravelersnuggets still gets updated, occasionally.

  • ❤❤❤

  • You’re awesomeee. And ah I have to visit this Beautiful place soon please

    • thank you baby girl <3 and yes, you have to! xx

  • Chioma Amadi

    OMG!.,this is amazing, Afoma!!!????, reallllyyyyyyy do love it!!????

    • Ahh thank youu ???

  • Woww

  • That picture? Perfect!
    The writer in you would always triumph above them…schedule and all?
    I like to think of writing as me -as an extension of myself. As long as you haven’t lost yourself, there ain’t gonna be a block honey.
    Even if you do,(like for me),you’ll find tour way back again thru writing!
    God bless you gurl!

    • Awww! Thank you, love! I’ll try to stay on track xx

  • That’s the scenery from “casually driving home”? that’s one bikini short of an awesome vacation!

    Write for you, your audience will always appreciate a well written article regardless of the angle.

    I wish you the very best in your exams 🙂

    • Awww thank you! I’ll remember that! And yes! The scenery is insane lool xx

  • Akin

    success in your exams hun!!!…we are always here 🙂

  • Can I be you when I grow up?
    I totally get the whole “how much is too much” as my blog is a personal blog too.
    And I love that you’re enjoying my posts 😀

    • AWWW youre so wise and sure of yourself, i want to be like you! Thank you! Its so hard for me to share things online. *sigh. Your blog is lovely! ?

  • Fatima

    WOW….. You’re really good……… I admire ur talents at writing and photography….I can’t stop reading and looking

  • officialfantasy

    The medical life cannot be overstressed!!! Sleep is such luxury.. but you still found time to write! Be proud of that.. Love your blog

    • ❤️❤️❤️ thank you! xxx

  • I’ve personally missed your short stories though and perfect or not, I’ll still read them


    • Aww thank you Cassie 🙂

  • toeseen

    Lmao @ what people are calling you…You don’t even want to know what Ndidi and I call you. *whispers*—> Traveler’s nugget…? straight up, like that, we don’t even put the ‘Miss’