You; warm and bright, like light
You draw them like bees to a flower
They yearn for your grace
And you churn their souls out into the open
You; fire and ice. Ruthless.
You intrigue them and they seek to demystify you
But you put on one too many masks.
You, you break hearts for a living.
Shatter them and walk over the blood.
You; Casanova. Unapologetically flirtatious.
You tease everyone
Make their breaths catch in their throat
Leave them reaching; wanting more.
You; sweetheart. Naïve.
Loving all the brokenhearted
Rooting for the underdog, being the underdog.
Loving, breaking and healing.
Until your heart is harder than stone.
You; wisecracker. All logic and no heart.
Breathing wisdom to all but yourself
Slaving away against Cupid.
You; Me; Us; People.

PS- If you’d like to listen to me read this poem, it’s on my Soundcloud here