Here's to a New Hello

Helloooo! All you sweet sweet people! My Goodness! Can I just take this moment to THANK YOU for sticking around for boring and for interesting times, in consistency and complete absence. I love you guys! I have some phenomenal news! Are y’all ready?! I’M DONE WITH MY EXAMS! I’m so glad that I’ll have time to blog more and write more because to be totally honest, my head has not been in the writers/blogger’s space lately and I literally have to force myself to do both these days, but I’m working on it. Now for some good ol’ honesty. Due to all the craziness in my coutry of study (Ukraine, if you didn’t know), we’ve had to do ALL our exams in ONE WEEK. See ehn, ask any third year medical student who does pathology, pharmacology etc how it would feel if they were literally informed the previous Thursday that all their exams would happen the next week and tell me what they say.

As you can guess, my week, this week was INSANE. Last Sunday I slept just three hours out of 24hours and literally everyone I knew was struggling to revise as much material as they could before their exams. I had 1,2,3,2,1 exams from Monday to Friday and it was just go, go, go! The rush from all of the hustle was pretty good though. I’ve never been a fan of pressure but med school forces you to harness pressure; use it for your own good, rock with it! All that said, it’s all over! We’re done! God was wayyyy bigger than these exams, to be honest. This Friday, my group mates and I had the most amazing photo shoot, if I do say so myself and we took some gorgeous photos, as we do.


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This weekend, there shall be some more hanging out with some of my favorite people and then some chilling and writing and eating and chilling. Oh! And I’ll have time to read non medical books! Say what?! Complete Allegiant, maybe? I may have forgotten how to read when it’s not for an exam. We’re going to have so much fun re-learning! Thank you all again for your patience and yes, I do reckon, I’m back to stay! I mean I even changed my header! *gasp* What do y’all think about the new header?

Till soon, Afoma x

PS: I welcome all ye new followers to the fold!