Divergent Fever

Hi!!! How is everyone doing? So I wrote this story this past week and I realized that it has been a while since I’ve spoken about me and what I’ve been up to. Did anyone else notice that?! Well, I’ve been alive and very well just being awesome as usual. I had such an odd week last week. Odd in the sense that there wasn’t very much to do, for my group while the entire school seemed to be writing exams and doing things. So, there I was, holding my breath, waiting for the bubble to be burst, for one teacher to suddenly spring a super important test or something of relative difficulty upon us, but, nada. When I don’t have ‘anything’ to do, I start to feel less productive in my mind and maybe go slightly crazy thinking of things to fill up time and space with, but this week, I was really lazy. It’s a terrible combination wanting to do more and just feeling your body not responding to what your brain wants. My body has simply decided to take a break and my brain is sulking like a hyperactive child whose mother won’t play with it.


Therefore, I decided to start reading The Divergent Trilogy. I’m guessing I might be late on the bandwagon, but boy am I on that bandwagon!!!! OH MY! If I had to choose one word to describe the books, I’d say THRILLING. Engaging would also be a fair competitor. Now maybe futuristic, dystopian societies a la The hunger games may not appeal to you, but this book is so good and it’d be hard for me to understand why anyone wouldn’t at least like it! The movie based on the first book is out in cinemas now. Have I mentioned that the soundtrack is SO GOOD? It features about 4 or 5 tracks from Ellie Goulding and tracks by Zedd, Snow Patrol, Kendrick Lamar and ASAP Rocky among others. I actually first listened to the soundtrack, then watched the trailer of the movie and then decided to read the books. Guys, permit me as I now enter “Divergent-fever mode” as I give you a brief plot synopsis.

So, the book is set in a dystopian society where people live in factions based on their possessed qualities. There are five factions;

Abnegation– selfless, giving, disregarding needs of self. They wear grey and live in houses that all look the same and frown upon ‘selfish’ curiosity (really, any kind of curiosity).

Amity– They believe in friendship, art, peace and they will do anything for the sake of continuing peaceful relations with each other and other factions.

Candor– The Candor never lie. Like NEVER. EVER. Their children are tell their each whatever they think about them and their leaders are completely honest and straightforward about everything!

Dauntless– Fearless, brave, adrenaline junkies and defenders of the city. The spend their lives getting the coolest tattoos and JUMPING in and out of MOVING trains! So bad-ass.

Erudite– Nerds, creators, learners and inventors. The most intellectually capable beings in the society who believe that the world would be a better place if everyone were smart and well educated.

At sixteen, all the young people have the choice of either remaining with their old factions (and families) or joining new factions based on their results in the aptitude tests they all have to take at that age. After they join their new factions, it’s “faction before blood”.  The protagonist Beatrice ‘Tris’ Prior is a born abnegation who believes she is not good enough, not selfless enough for her faction. Well, basically she takes the test and discovers she’s an anomaly. She doesn’t have aptitude for just kindness or courage but for three different factions! AND the powers that be are not pleased with people like her; The Divergent. Tris is intuitive and smart, but still a teenager trying to find her way and that makes her more likable. Plus watching the trailer of the movie totally made me fall in love with Shailene Woodley! I mean, my girl is also starring in the The Fault In Our Stars with Ansel Elgort who’s ALSO in Divergent!

You all NEED to read this book. It’s the right blend of love and adventure and family and figuring out who you are even when the world tells you you have to be one thing, which you’re not. I’m currently reading the last book in the trilogy and I have so many feelings! I don’t know what I’ll do when it’s all over. *sigh. I happen to have an epub version of the books so you know the drill. Email me!

I’ve also been doing a lot of fitness stuff; exercising four times a week and trying to eat cleaner, because health is wealth, people. If you have specific questions about what exactly I’m doing exercise-wise and all, you can also email me. Now, now, not to be lost in all the Divergent haze is the fact that I’m also still prepping for my exams which will hopefully be in June. I’ve been a lazy writer and blogger because all I ever do when I’m home these days is exercise or eat or study or sleep (or read Divergent). It’s a pretty amazing way to live, haha. AND IT’S FINALLY SPRINGTIME! Oh Lord, the winter was very mush. So glad for sunshine and temperatures above 10 degrees Celsius.

I’m working on a few posts for you guys. Pray against my laziness, please. And do something Divergent for me if you haven’t already! If you like great music, try the soundtrack, if you like to read, the books or you can just see the movie! It’s such a WIN-WIN situation for everyone. Now I’m not sure what to even call this post. A cross between a book review and an update? Yes. But it ain’t no review without quotes, so here’s a few quotes from The Divergent Trilogy:

My father says that those who want power and get it live in terror of losing it. That’s why we have to give power to those who do not want it.

Human reason can excuse any evil; that is why it’s so important that we don’t rely on it

My father used to say that sometimes, the best way to help someone is just to be near them.

I believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.

Human beings as a whole cannot be good for long before the bad creeps back in and poisons us again.

I might be in love with you.” He smiles a little. “I’m waiting until I’m sure to tell you, though.

The Candor sing the praises of the truth, but they never tell you how much it costs.

Let the guilt teach you how to behave next time, my father would say.

Only boys who have been handsome from a young age have that arrogance in their smile.

Guess which symbols represent each faction!
Guess which symbols represent each faction!

Does Tris’ father sound really wise or nah? I love how the story explores what happens when something that is supposed to be a virtue becomes almost obsessive and leads to the pain and suffering and loss of self and others. And how it talks about the dynamics of power, responsibility and damage in every system. Y’all, if I keep talking, I probably won’t stop and then you won’t get to read the book.

I have Monday off school so that’s exciting! More study time, yay. Have a great Sunday guys!

Love, Candor and Courage, Afoma x