Update: Tales from the Weekend.

Heyyy, how is everyone doing?! Oh my, it’s been FOREVER! I’m good, thank God, guys if you were wondering, with everything going on here in Ukraine. School has been good as well, it’s still the same as always, so I guess  I’m slightly better at dealing with all the stress. I wish I could have an even greater presence on the blog, but I assure you that as it is now, I’m doing my utmost. I’m honestly not writing as much, because even if I really want to, it’s not easy to keep switching from “med school you have a test today pathology” mode into “poetry prose alive” mode. However, I have been making it a point to not become utterly consumed by medical school and the general anxieties of life lately and I can tell you that it has done me quite a bit of good.

The past few weeks have left me feeling grateful for amazing friends and family. This weekend, the girls in my group and I got together for a slumber party on Friday and it was ah-mazing. There was food, drinks and a lot of things in the dessert category. We watched movies, series and listened and danced to good music. We saw The Book Thief based on Markus Zusack’s book which I’ve already reviewed on this blog. If you were wondering, the movie is just as lovely as the book! I endorse it. I’m so happy that movie makers stick with the story of the books these days almost line by line, it makes it even better. We made do with less than 24 hours and I felt rejuvenated. We did our nails and eyebrows and all the fancy stuff girls do in pajamas. It was all so lovely. I have to say that I have become a bit “rusty” at this sharing thing and nowadays, I do feel slightly odd about sharing all the things I did but I wanted  really wanted to give you guys an idea of all I’ve been up to.

School has definitely started to take an even more clinical turn and I find myself feeling more and more like a doctor these days and I have to say that I love it! It’s such a wonderful thing to do for a living, late nights and stress and everything and I honestly love the rush of being able to finally understand how so many things work and how to help people. I always knew I wanted to be a doctor but I have never been more sure and happy about my decision even though there are still nights when I wonder why I decided to devote my life to years and years of studying, but we won’t talk about those nights.

I also have a few photos from this past weekend that I’m itching to share and it’s MARCH! ALREADY?! I plan to start running at least three mornings a week now that the weather has gotten warmer. All I need is a new pair of running shoes and I’m set to go. I will keep writing and I also want to thank everyone who keeps popping in to read new and old posts. I honestly am surprised to still have people reading this blog considering that I barely post once a week. Y’all are amazing! I shall now proceed to enjoy what is left of my Saturday and maybe make my weekend amazing.


20140301-172612.jpg 20140301-172627.jpg

DSCN2483 DSCN2521

… OH OH OH AND WHO WATCHED GREY’S ANATOMY?! Whatttttt?! Shonda is trying to killll meee.

Slumber parties, cake and Ice-cream, Afoma x