When All Else Fails

i. An Ode to the Library

Your serenity soothes my soul like balm on aching muscles.
Your assets are even more valuable to me than they are to you.
And all the kindred spirits you lend me for every few hours we’re together make my load lighter.
As I walk through paths paved by bound pages, my joy knows no limits.
And when I am sore, hungry and craving the warmth of my bed, when I say goodbye, I leave, satiated.
For you hold nothing back.
ii. Stay

I don’t like to say I fixed you. 
But I did; I fixed you.
Life broke you, left you mangled.
I took your heart in my hands
And I put it back together slowly, so it wouldn’t hurt anymore.
I cut myself a thousand times and sometimes, I worked while tears bathed my fingers as I fixed you.
I didn’t care when anyone said 
“He’s a waste, walk away. He’ll drown you”.
I believed. 
And when you started to step out of the fog, a victor, I was proud.
My heart swelled with so much love and pride, I thought it might explode.
I’d fixed you.
People say “you don’t bite the finger that fed you”, but I wish you’d bitten me.
I’d ask you to bite your fill, but stay. Stay with me.
You walked away without so much as a bark.
I wish you’d bite me. And stay.
iii. Forgive Me

I forgot how to love you.
Forgive me.
You let us lie fallow, and now your space in my heart has grown weeds that won’t stop growing.
I’ve tried to uproot them; throw them in the fire, but these weeds know good land.
Forgive me for not missing you or what we had. 
Forgive me for moving on. Forgive me for letting other people in.
Forgive me for not being sorry.
When I’m too exhausted to write a good story, poetry works. I hope y’all are doing great. It’s a quiet Friday night here. Have a wonderful weekend! x