Saving Intuition

She whispers to me in hushed tones,

Tugs at my sleeve and heartstrings.

I bat her away like a relentlessly annoying fly,

and even then she gets up again.

She’s at my heels and has my back,

even though hers is chafed from falling incessantly.

Like a violinist, I ruffle her cords every time I distrust her.

But she stays.

But for how much longer will she stay?

And for how much longer will I let fear remain a wall?

I fear she may break her back someday,

and leave me all alone.

And then I shall be the straw that broke intuition’s back.

  • i am so tempted to say “osheyyy! poet” but I’m going to be proper. i enjoyed it. short and straight to the point 🙂 and Yes,we definitely need to trust ourselves enough to listen to our intuitions. Thank you for writing this.

    • You’re welcome boo! And thanks for reading!

  • All i really want to type is *sigh*. That’s how i feel whenever i read your write ups but i guess i have to type down something else lie “Amazing write up” which would be the truth anyways but I’ll stick to *sigh*.

    • lol! :’) thank youu

  • I like the comparism you made of our intuitions with an instrument which it seems you can handle so perfectly well when it stays in the cradle of your arms but alas! once that string is broken by our doing, consciously or unconsciously, we are left to see how far we can go without it.
    A lovely post Afoma! well done!