The Things We Learned From The Fire


You know why she left?

She didn’t know how much she was worth when she said yes.


Sometimes you feel so much until you’re bursting.

Your senses shut down.

You can only feel so much; use it well.


Nothing humbles you like sickness or a near death experience. You can smell your own mortality.


Happiness never leaves you. You just have to find it, in you.


Everyone isn’t the same but sometimes two people are so alike, it’s difficult to give them two chances and not one.


A place can be all all the magic you need if it’s got the right people.


People leave. They take parts of you and leave you hurting.


Goodbye is the heaviest word to say.


The best things in life happen slowly; because time waits for no one, but she doesn’t like to be left behind either.


What else is ours but our bodies and our thoughts?

  • All So true! I Love ” Happiness never leaves you.. you just have to find it.

    • Thank you!! I’m happy you love it 🙂

  • Emenike UMESI

    Its simply wonderful!

    • Thank you, daddy! :))

  • The First one!!!!

  • People leave and they take parts of you with them.
    Thank you

  • you remind me of baz luhrman’s sunscreen speech.
    really nice post. 🙂