Checking In

Hey guys!! How are y’all doing? Is it me or has it been ages? Man, your girl has just been trying to live and enjoy the most blissful two weeks in recent history. I’ve never needed a break as I did this two week holiday which ended up getting extended to include this week’s Monday and Tuesday thanks to the ridiculous temperature and snowstorms this country has had recently. However, it’s all ending today and then the most grueling four months of my young adult life so far will commence. Suffice to say I may not be on here as much as I used to be, but as always I will try to not completely ignore writing. Jk, I couldn’t even if I tried.

So, my holiday was great! I did a bit of traveling and that of course led to eating a lot of good food that I didn’t have to cook myself (can I hear a Hallelujah?) and of course there was sleep, a lot of it and series and movies and booksss (reviews for which I was far too lazy to write) and pictures of beautiful people and places. It was a good two weeks and two days. I’ve been able to get my bearings back and rediscover a bit of my drive and I’ve just been surrounded by so many inspiring people this past month that I feel nothing short of blessed. That said, it’s back to the hustle and bustle and grind of med school life and I’m trying not to be depressed. *insert long dramatic sigh*

A few updates though before I leave:

– I completed the sequel project (fyi, shame on you if you do not know what this is) and I’m so thankful to everyone who came back to read and leave lovely comments and those who shared the stories on social media and everything. You are wonderful, thank you.

– Starting next week, thenakedconvos will be having a valentine’s special featuring fiction from eleven amazing writers from the blogosphere including yours truly (@miszjeanie, if you were wondering). So stay tuned! The special will run from the 10th to the 14th of Feburary. In case you cannot tell, I am super excited! Check out the lovely promo photo.


A few stories will trickle onto the blog, at least weekly, hopefully. I hope everyone is doing great! Catch y’all later.

Afoma x