The Thing Worth Reciprocating- The Sequel

Elohor was getting married and Kosi was in a panic; A man was going to come between them. She busied herself with her maid of honor duties, she even had a to-do list and all that; the whole shebang. She would make herself an unforgettable maid of honor. Elo wouldn’t forget her. She forced the jealousy and fear down her throat like a morsel of food too large to swallow every time she saw Elo. She told herself she was happier than she was jealous and that had to make things slightly better, somehow. She fought thoughts like “Elo is getting married, mangled face and all and you’re still here, alone?” “you’ll probably die alone” . Her heart had been an open door for over two years now. There had been Benjamin who didn’t tell her about his fiancĂ©e in England, Anochie who failed to mention that he didn’t have any plans to be married even in the next five years and the most recent failed relationship which had only ended three months ago. Temitope. Loving, handsome; perfect. Kosi had tried to love him. Tried, the way you’d try to love a song or movie because someone you loved simply adored it. Tried and failed woefully. She felt almost nothing but a deep appreciation of the fact that he was a nice guy, like you’d feel about a stranger who fixed your flat tire. Elohor aka voice of reason had said

“Kosi, I think you’re trying too hard”

“You ehn, you’re just a contradiction! Put yourself out there. No, don’t. Which one?! Please, leave me alone”

“Cheer up, this babe. You’re 26. Breathe. It will happen when it will”

Kosi had sighed. And sighed again. She was afraid that while she had been too busy thinking of what other people saw in her or wanted from her or liked her for; while she had been thinking for others, she’d neglected her own needs and feelings. She had spent years locking other people out, but what if she had also locked out important people and feelings that would make her whole? What if this was a loss she would never replace?

Today, Kosi said to herself as she checked her calendar, “all thoughts of mating souls stop”. She was meeting Eghosa’s best man. Eghosa was Elohor’s husband to be. He had met her at a filling station a year before and refused to move his car away from the nozzle point until she gave him her number. Eghosa had won everyone’s heart and proposed eight months after. Elohor had been stunned. He treated her like a queen and it wasn’t long before she began to believe that she was indeed one. Kenny was late to their meeting just as Eghosa had warned Kosi. Kosi hated tardiness; she believed that if you said you’d be somewhere at six, then you should be there at exactly six, or better still, before six, so she was greatly displeased by Kenny’s lack of time sense. Kehinde was amused.

“So I’m ten… Okay no.. Twenty minutes late. I was tied up, sorry. Relax. Your mouth looks so tense. You’d be prettier if you smiled”

“Very funny. Please I need to talk about the video montage of the couple I wanted to surprise them with. Can you help me out somehow?”

“Somehow, how? You’re going to need to be very specific” Kehinde winked.

“Come, what is wrong with you, ehn? Be serious, please. Old photos, videos, from Eghosa. That’s all I need from you. I’ll get a professional videographer to put it all together. Can you do that?”

“Okay, tomorrow. Here. 3pm. I need to go now”

Kehinde walked out leaving Kosi’s mouth gaping. She was so angry! The brat! How dare he?! She needed to talk to Eghosa. He had to tell his friend to fix his attitude! When she told Elo, she was also upset and they called her fiancĂ© together. Eghosa apologized for Kenny and said he was a bit surprised by Kehinde’s attitude. He was usually late but hardly ever rude. He always apologized. Yes, he did apologize, but rudely, Kosi was saying. He was such a brat! Sorry, he would call Kenny, he’d have to do better next time.

Kehinde was late again the next day, but he did apologize for the previous day. He’d had a rough day at work and Lagos traffic left his nerves frayed. He smiled and begged her to smile. Kosi couldn’t help but be charmed and she did smile. He told her he knew a good videographer who could put both pictures and videos together nicely and he wanted to make it up to her by taking her to dinner. Kosi involuntarily raised her eyebrow as she did when she was surprised. She agreed. Kehinde was delightful! He made her laugh until she cried and he listened to her. He looked at her when he spoke and he always wanted to see her, talk to her. He wanted to know if she thought red and blue we’re complementary colors and if she thought pink was a good color to wear to a board meeting. By the time Elo wedded Eghosa, Kosi and Kenny were a couple and the foursome laughed at how both couples had names beginning with the same letters of the alphabet. Kehinde proposed to Kosi at the beach where she’d made the decision to ‘unlock’ her heart and she said yes.

Kosi was already planning their wedding when she saw Kehinde kissing and groping a woman in his sitting room. She simply took off the engagement ring and ran out completely blown away by how determined bad luck seemed to be in its bid to follow her. Kehinde arrived at hers a few minutes after she did with the ring. She was not having it. She was going to lock her heart and throw the key in the Atlantic without a care in the world when Kehinde said

“It wasn’t me. It was Taiwo… My brother. We’re kinda identical”

“Excuse me?! You decide to tell me just now two months to our wedding about your identical twin?!!”

“You’ve never asked me about my twin. My name is Kehinde, remember?”

“Oh… I don’t know… I figured he’d died or something. You never talk about him”

“We’ve never been close. We grew up on different continents because our parents separated when we were about five. He went with my mother. She died a year ago. Right about when you first met me or rather him. It turns out we have tardiness in common”

Kosi held head and sat down slowly.

“We’re almost exact opposites. My mother spoiled him”

“And why did you send him to meet me?”

“I didn’t, the idiot is a prankster who happens to really like women. I’m sorry”

Kosi married Kehinde, but not after she’d made him get a tattoo to identify him. He’d decided to get a “K”, for them. She’d laugh at life’s irony when she birthed identical twin girls a year after they’d been married.

Good things came in twos for her.