Medic Talk & Updates

Heyy guys! How’s everyone?! It’s been forever!!! Ages. I’ve just been there burying my nose in books and Nollywood movies alternately. However I’m here, still standing after a total of *stops to count* TWELVE exams since November! Literally at least one every week, sometimes three! I’ve had orals, multiple choice, microscopy, practical skills; the entire fiasco and I’m still here!! I can’t even tell you how. There were weeks I started Monday praying for Friday and days I woke up wanting to be over already, but God has been good to me. Really. I’m still not done. I’ve still got three more exams and by God’s grace, that’ll be all for this semester.

I’ve been reading other books that aren’t school books mostly because I escape a lot of stress that way and I reckon a few pages a day won’t kill me. To be honest, the truth is I can’t die for this school, a girl’s gotta live. So, yeah, I even posted a book review recently and I’ve been writing quite a bit too. I’m so accustomed to writing fiction that it’s a bit of a task to now write about me, funny eh? But I felt like I hadn’t properly communicated with y’all in forever so I had to let you know what’s been up. Also, there’s a project I’m super excited about! I’m writing sequels to three of my stories and I’d love for you guys to do the honors of choosing what three stories they’d be. If you haven’t voted yet, I regret to announce that the polls close this Sunday!! So go now! Here.

I got a bit of a break this past week and I did a lot of laying around and eating and there was cake if you were wondering and chicken and ice cream. It was glorious, hence why it’s now a struggle to get back into my school shoes for my three remaining exams, but I’m trying, guys. I’ve also been trying to get into the “cat eye’ make up business and I’m taking it pretty seriously. I’ve been diligently trying to do a decent cat-eye without blinding myself and… so far so good. Of course, medic talk will be on a hiatus of sorts when my holiday begins later this month (NEXT WEEK TO BE PRECISE!)

I promise you better art- stories from the best place in my heart and more regaling tales of my forever fascinating life until then. Sunday’s almost here and I’m sort of certain some stories will be getting sequels, but we’ll see how it goes. Enjoy the rest of the week, lovely people!

Bed-loving, cake and sequels, Afoma xx